About us

The more we automate the more time we have for the things that make us happy or as we like to call - to play hookie!

At Hookie Solutions what makes us happy is bringing API products that make it easier for developers to use. That’s where webhookie comes in, a product that will bring event-driven webhook API infrastructure to any product your building or to add as a complement to your integration stack.  Our aim is to provide you with a win-win outcome, first you don’t have to spend time building your own webhook infrastructure and second you’ll spend a lot less time helping your downstream systems and partners get real-time data – giving you more time to go play hookie!


Our values

Create Trust

For us this is most important – open, honest communication – deliver with quality –  make sure we listen more than we speak.


with how we work, play and take care of the people around us.


we don’t like to repeat ourselves – time is precious – we like to automate as much as we can.

Own It

see a problem, deal with it. We are all responsible for our environment, at work, at home and in our community – be the solution.

Be Creative

Be open to new ways of getting things done – challenge norms – be brave!

Our Story

Hookie Solutions was founded in 2021 by Liam Forde and Arthur Kazemi with the help of some real life angels – Hasse Römer, Mohan Nagaraj, Peter Stenberg and Jesper Kettu.  With many years of integration experience between us we could all see the need and opportunity of providing better infrastructure for event-driven APIs – which in our humble opinion will be the backbone for B2B and application integration in the future.  So our first product was born – webhookie! We look forward to this journey and hope you enjoy it with us!

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