Install webhookie (+ MongoDB, BYO IdP)

This installation guide takes you through installing webhookie and integrating it with your own Identity Platform. It comes with MongoDB which is good if you don’t yet have experience running your own MongoDB instance. If you want to quickly evaluate webhookie we recommend first starting with the install guide that comes with Keycloak. Also if you want to use your own MongoDb we have that guide too.

Prerequisites #

  • Docker Desktop (3.2.2 +)
  • Identity Platform that supports OpenID Connect

Download the webhookie Compose File #

Download and extract the following zip file to a folder dedicated to webhookie.

Inside the zip file there is a docker-compose.yml file ready to run the 2 containers – webhookie & MongoDB.

Setup your Identity Platform (IdP) #

Configure your IdP using the following instructions Identity Platform (IdP) Setup

Bring up the Container #

From your terminal, in the folder you created in the previous step, run the following docker command:

> docker compose up

This will bring up webhookie and MongoDB.

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