Install webhookie (+ MongoDB, + Keycloak )

This installation guide is designed to help you quickly evaluate webhookie. It comes with MongoDB and Keycloak as the Identity Platform. If you have your own Identity platform that you want to use with webhookie that is no problem – see our other installation guides:

Prerequisites #

  • Docker Desktop (3.2.2 +)

Download the webhookie Compose File with supporting Keycloak Exports #

Download and extract the following zip file to a folder dedicated to webhookie.

Note: The standard keycloak image does not yet support the Apple M1 ARM based architecture. Therefore if you are using one of these systems please replace the keycloak image inside the docker compose file with wizzn/keycloak:14 (instead of:

Inside the zip file there are 3 files:

  • docker-compose.yml – ready to run the 3 containers – webhookie, MongoDB and Keycloak. See note above if you are using a Apple M1 ARM based system.
  • realm-export.json – a keycloak realm configured for webhookie.
  • kc-add-user.json – a keycloack user creation file to create the admin user.

Bring up the Container #

From your terminal, in the folder you created in the previous step, run the following docker command.

> docker compose up

This will bring up webhookie, MongoDB, and Keycloak each in their own container.

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