Provider Groups

Overview #

Provider groups are an authorization function that allows any user within a provider group (and with the WH_PROVIDER role) to manage any webhook API that has one of their provider groups assigned to the API. Assigning a provider group to a webhook API is done during the creation of the webhook API.

Creating Provider Groups #

The steps to create a provider group include

  1. Create the group in your identy platform
  2. Ensure that the groups (id of group or name of group) are mapped to the group claim in the JWT tokens coming from your identity platform.
  3. Create the provider group in webhookie. A user must have the WH_ADMIN role to create provider groups. Note: the id or name of the group (what is mapped into the JWT token) must be configured as the IAM group Name when creating the provider group.
  4. Assign the users to the groups in your identity platform.

Note: A user can check which provider groups they are assigned to by selecting Account Details in the user menu. If you see the provider groups here then the above 4 steps have been done correctly

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