With webhookie you can give your webhook consumers and providers a view of the traffic being sent to their subscriptions.

What do we mean by traffic? #

Traffic is the events sent from a provider to a consumer’s callback. Consumers can view the requests sent to their callback and the status indicating if it was successfully sent to their callback or not. Providers can also view the requests to see which subscriptions successfully received their data.

Why does webhookie store the traffic? #

There are several reasons webhookie stores the traffic. This includes to:

  • Retry messages in the cases where there are issues delivering the event to the consumers callbacks.
  • Enable consumers to resend data in the situation that they have long outages or errors in processing the events.
  • Build trust with consumers and providers alike. If they can check the data they can verify that no events have been lost.

Subscription Traffic #

Subscription traffic is your view of the traffic going through subscriptions that you have created as a webhook consumer (WH_CONSUMER).

The traffic table has a row for each unique instance of an event, what we call a span, that is sent to your callback. Including details on the response code that webhookie received.

In the menu for the span, you can see the request and response, as well as, the full details of the processing webhookie has performed. You can also resend the message from this menu.

The number of tries reflects the number of attempts webhookie has made to your callback.

Webhook Traffic #

The webhook traffic is your view of the traffic being sent through your webhook API(s). It is only available to users with a webhook provider role (WH_PROVIDER).

The webhook traffic table has a row for each unique instance of an event sent through your API, these are what we call a trace.

Each trace includes a high-level status. The list of statuses include:

  • OK – All spans within the trace were sucessfully processed resulting in a 2XX response from all the related callbacks.
  • PROCESSING – The trace is currently being processed. Not all of the spans have completed.
  • ISSUES – One or more of the spans within the trace has had an error with receiving the event. Retries have concluded for those spans. It will require the consumer or provider to deal with the issue.
  • NO_SUBSCRIPTION – There are no subscriptions for this event meaning that there are no spans to process. Note: if the event has an authorized subscriber and that subscriber does not have a subcription you will also recieve this status for the trace.

For each trace, it’s possible to drill into it to find out the status for each and every span that was generated from it. In the spans you can see the status for each span including the response code received.

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